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Friday, July 4, 2008

Some Facts about Ayam Serama

  • Bantam breed of exotic chicken originating from Malaysia.
  • The first breeding was in Kelantan, a northern state in Malaysia's panisular. It was a work of art by village folks.
  • The exotic Malaysian bantam chicken is called "Ayam Serama".
  • Produce more than 2500 documented colour varieties. The most famous colours are "Ara", "Kuning", "Kuning Merah", "3 Colours Rinting (Black,Yellow & White)", "Rinting Murai (Black & White)", "Rinting Emas (Yellow & White)" and "Manisan Hangus".
  • Vetical tail feathers. The upper part of the tails is called "Lawi"
  • Near-vertical wings with short body features.
  • Display full-breast when in action, This action is called "gaya".
  • The ligthest chicken in the world. The highest quality weights less than 350gm for a full-grown serama.
  • Keep as pet in many Malaysian homes.

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