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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mr Yaohan Oh of Republic of Korea Visited LEASF

A serama lover from Republic of Korea, Mr Yaohan Oh visited our farm at about 3.25 PM today. He was very excited when meeting with some of our icons at LEASF's show gallery. When asking a question on his seramas collection in Korea, he promptly replied "Wooooow, your seramas are amazing and  very different than what we have. All your seramas stand straight-up with heads at their back, do you train them?". We answered "No, we do not have special training session for them !!!! They are original breeds of Malaysian seramas".


MoonJi said...
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MoonJi said...

After visiting LEASF, he posted a lot of Serama's pictures and a couple of movies on online chicken breeding club which is the biggest online comunnity in South Korea. I am sure the pictures with his comments are very helpful to Korean breeders in understanding a qualified Malaysia Serama. Thanks, breeders.

Lawi Emas Ayam Serama Farm (LEASF) said...

we would be very happy to help, anythings related to the small chicken in the world, serama.